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event module - google calendar XML feed

edited June 2013 in Modules

i am running v2.2.0 and i am having some difficulty in adding the google calendar XML feed to the event module. (nice feature btw!) i tried including both the public and private XML URLs; i even made the entire calendar public in the google calendar settings; i re-saved the module configuration and i read the documentation that i found:

is there something obvious that i am missing?
thank you


  • You might try turning on 'error reporting' and see what error gets kicked out. I just tested using the 220/221-prerelease code and it works for calendar is 'public' and I use the 'Calendar Address' 'XML' link.
  • here's a short update on my issue:

    - turned on debugging
    - saw that we did not have php_openssl extension installed on the server; installed the extension
    - still unable to read google calendar
    - commented out 2 lines in the eventController:
    //if (!empty($startdate)) $feed .= "&start-min=" . $begin;
    //if (!empty($enddate)) $feed .= "&start-max=" . $end;
    because google complains about "Invalid value for start-min parameter: 2013-06-01T12:00:00 00:00"
    - i still have to look into it some more in order to add the date in the correct format; i will update when i find out more info

    let me know if you have any thoughts so far
  • Not sure so I'll speculate...the ending 00:00...what is the time zone set in Exponent? UTC? I set Eastern so mine will be -04:00 and WONDERING if the space (instead of a + or -) for UTC throws off the url.

    If that's the case, TRY setting another time zone within Exponent Site Configuration and give it a try (un-comment those two lines). If it works, I'll add some code to strip off the offending space/timezone for UTC.
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