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Message: "Loading modules creation form" ??

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when I am not connected to the internet (working with a local WAMP- installation)
I can not "+ADD MODULE" on a page.
I'm just getting a "Loading Module Creation Form" progress bar that won't disappear.

What's happening in the background ?
Does the use of Exponent depends on special connections to the internet that must be established ?

Tks for clarification.



  • All the libraries and frameworks for Exponent are in the package. However, if you are using Simpletheme (or a derivative), it might be possible the page is timing out waiting for a google font to load (~line 20 index.php). In a general sense...when the 'loading' graphic is displayed, it remains until after the form and script behind it is loaded before it is removed. If it remains, it usually means the script crashed or failed to load completely.

    You might try to turn on FireBug (F12) and view the 'console' while selecting that action to see if there are any errors or warnings.

    What Exponent version are you using?
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