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Portfolio module with external links

edited May 2013 in Modules
The portfolio module (before 2.0) used to have an option that there was an external link url (for standalone page for example) given and if the view was chosen so that it was not using the portfolio internal page linking, it indeed viewed the external url when clicking the portfolio item.

Like this:

ITEM 1 (with picture) - ITEM 2 (with picture) - ITEM 3 (with picture)

When clicking for example the "ITEM 1 (with picture)" it goes to a standalone page that has actually a new portfolio there or just a standalone page with text and picture content.
In the current module it goes to an internal page of portfolio and can't have so much editing power there since can't add other modules inside it either.


  • I think you might be referring to an old 1.0 listing module feature? Not sure it was intended to work that way, but the item had a url, where the current design implies that any 'links' will be embedded within the body/text.

    HOWEVER, it sounds like you may find the same feature in the Link Manger which can display files (images). If you don't want the 'link' item to go anywhere, you might try '#' for the url?
  • Hi,
    could I link the portfolio IMAGE to the same target than the TITLE (using 2.1.4)?
    Can't find anywhere how to "hack" this to do this simple thing...

    The place in the code is like this:

    {if $config.filedisplay != "Downloadable Files"}
    {filedisplayer view="`$config.filedisplay`" files=$record->expFile record=$record is_listing=2}

    Would need to add this a href there:
    <a href="{link action=show title=$record->sef_url}" title="{$record->body|summarize:"html":"para"}">

    What should I write in the place of "IMAGE HERE"?
    The "{filedisplayer...." above is not working straight like that.
  • If I understand you correctly, you want the image placed as the link instead of using the {filedisplayer} which displays ALL attached files in the manner specified within the module configuration (gallery, slideshow, downloads, etc...).

    Here is how we do it in the 'simple_list' view.
                    {if $config.quality==100}
    &lt;img src=\"{$slide-&gt;expFile&#91;0&#93;-&gt;url}\" class=\"slide-image\" /&gt;
    {img file_id=$slide-&gt;expFile&#91;0&#93;-&gt;id w=$config.width|default:350 h=$config.height|default:200 class=\"slide-image\" zc=1 q=$config.quality|default:80}
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