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user login state - different behavior under www

i wrote a custom module. it works as expected under http://<site_domain>.com; however, if the user adds the "www" in the url, then the site no longer recognizes the user as logged in. the apache config is similar to other sites, where the issue does not occur.

this is probably a problem of my own, but i was wondering if anyone has encountered this issue in the past, while developing.

issue encountered in v2.0.6-patch2


  • Just for this only occurring inside your custom module or across the whole site? And if only in your module, is this within the php code (controller/model) or a view (.tpl file)?
  • after more testing, i do not think the issue is related to my module. here are the steps to what i have done:

    1. log in as admin from http: // www.
    2. i can see the admin nav bar on all pages (that also have www in the url)
    3. i type a new url, without the "www" (e.g. <site>.com/about-us)
    4. i can no longer see the admin nav bar

    at this point, my module does not/should not run at all

    thanks for your response
  • This makes me think something is whacky with DNS...

    Are you getting any Javascript errors?

    Do you have other sites on this server that behave similarly?
  • there may be something related to DNS. i'll update if i come across the solution.
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