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v2.1.2 has been released

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On February 15, 2013, Exponent version 2.1.2 was released. This includes over a dozen fixes to known issues and usability issues in the new forms module. Additionally, we now display file and image size in the file manager tooltips. There are no new features in this release.

However as always, we recommend you do NOT upgrade production environments without first testing it!

If you are upgrading from a version earlier than 2.0.9, you should visit the main blog to review the articles outlining changes required to themes and custom modules.


Exponent v2.1.2 Stable is 'THE" baseline for the Exponent CMS project and anyone using a pre-release version of 2.0 is highly recommended to upgrade their code to the stable version.


  • Updated from 2.1.1 to 2.1.2, and now forms are not showing up for normal public browsing... when logged in, the forms show up fine, can edit/change properties, add new fields, fill out and submit, etc. but once we're logged out, they are not showing on the page at all... we did check to make sure the permission is set to allow public to submit data... just trying to have the form shown for data entry to the public user... all we see in the source is the mod_## tags where the form should be...
  • Try redownloading the package...we've updated one of the files to fix that issue...and may release another version in the next week. FWIW, the Forms 'copy' function is also broken, but we have a fix ready to deploy.

    In the fixed file, /framework/modules/forms/controllers/formsController.php line #42 should NOT be commented out, but be this
    'enter_data' => \"Enter Data\"  // slight naming variatino to not fully restrict enterdata method
    with the permission having an underscore.
  • Thanks, that worked...
  • The (broken) download for 2.1.2 has been repaired on
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