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Where do I access Recycle Bin in 2.0.4?

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I realized I have oodles of bits and pieces of deleted stuff in my CMS recycle bin. I can see it when I publish a new module and it asks me if I want to restore from the recycle bin, which is FULL of stuff.

HOW do I go straight to my recycle bin and deleted everything that's in there?? I used to have a link in the admin bar - but now I don't ..
Can you please tell me where the trashed files are located and if I can go there directly? I looked in my DB for anything that says orphaned - but there is nothing like that.


  • Just another reason to upgrade to a newer version :) We added a View Recycle Bin command (to the slingbar) in v2.0.7 and included a 'delete' item feature. The link in the admin bar probably goes back to v0.9x? Either that, or it was a unimplemented feature prior to v2.0 stable.

    In v2.0.4, you MIGHT be able to do it manually? If you open up the database and the 'sectionref' table, the 'refcount' is the key Anything with a refcount of '0' has been deleted (no container record), but the module items should still be in the system. Problem is, you only get to see what module it is and the 'source' location. FWIW, a refcount of '1000' is a hard-coded module, and a 'refcount' of 1 is a normal module. Any other number (>1 && <1000) is likely a leftover from 0.9x. Please keep in mind that simply deleting the record from 'sectionref' will only make it disappear from the recycle bin, the module 'items' will still exist but be orphaned and unusable.
  • I installed a sample 2.1.1 installation just to take a peek.

    &#91;size=300&#93;Very nice!&#91;/size&#93;

    Although there are no readily design 3-colums layout, so I will have to find the coding differences between 2.0.4. and this and change my own modules ... quite a challenge (for me)! :)

    But I did see the Recycle Bin ShowAll link ... and tried that on the old version... /recyclebin/showall ... but the listings were blank .. I mean there were no listings at all, so it is not pulling up the info but I will take a look at the code and see if I can get something going for the "old" website.

    Exponent CMS has come a LOOONG way! Great work and kudos to everybody involved!
  • Cool, the recyclebin/showall method wasn't coded until v2.0.7...

    Here's a recent article on getting ready for v2.2 which for all except 'containermodule' applies to v2.1.1/v2.1.2 Much of this is probably already in place, but just make sure you test it before deploying it. There's even some extra tips like the 'How to convert a generic theme to Exponent' which are some tutorials on the docs site.

    Here's some tips on 'testing' a new release before deploying it.
    • Export the current site content (database) to an EQL file[/*]
    • Have a copy of your 'custom' (current) theme available[/*]
    • Best test is to extract the Exponent package (or git clone) to a subfolder of the existing site. Next best test is to run it on a local (similarly configured) server[/*]
    • Run the installation of the test system[/*]
    • Turn on Error Reporting[/*]
    • Import the saved site content (EQL file)[/*]
    • Run the 'recommended' upgrade (you'll get a message with a link)[/*]
    • Install your custom theme and switch to it. The biggest issues would appear at this point[/*]
    • Visit any pages which use a custom view (in the /modules folder of your theme)[/*]
    • Once you've fixed/tweaked your custom theme files and things seem to run well with the test, you should only need to update Exponent on the site and upload any theme fixes[/*]
  • THANKS ... I will see what I can do about that!! Sounds "simple" enough :) I really appreciate all your help!
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