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CKEditor 4 and Inline Editing

edited December 2012 in Feature Requests
I'm guessing at some point Exponent will be upgraded to have CKEditor 4. They've implemented inline editing in version 4 which would be a great feature to include in Exponent. Are there any plans at the moment to implement this?

The key difference between Exponent and other CMS systems seems to be the fully integrated admin interface on the frontend, and I think inline editing would really bring this design to a whole new level :)

Not sure how it would work for modules besides the text module, but if it could at least work for the text module I think it'd still be worth it.


  • FWIW, a ticket was opened when it was announced

    Not sure if/how we might implement it since they don't seem to have an intuitive method to save the changes. There is likely one, but it's not documented or advertised (yet?). Documentation for v3.x was pretty slow in coming out which limited or stalled full implementation of CKEditor in place of FCKeditor.

    Thinking off the top of my head, we probably would NOT be able to implement it for most of the modules since they have several bits of various data for each item, HOWEVER, we might be able to institute a new type of Text module where the editing would/could be done in-place instead of on the 'edit text item' page.
  • Yeah I suppose for saving it'd have to be AJAXified... and it couldn't just save in the background unless we had a draft functionality, so maybe just a save button somewhere that gets the content via javascript and saves in the background?

    But anyway I'll watch the lighthouse ticket, thanks. Looks like a few hurdles to overcome there, but could be a nice feature when it's done.
  • It MIGHT be as simple as watching for a 'blur' event when the editor loses focus and the ajax save method with a separate editor/save instance for the text item title and the text item body.

    Myself, I may wait to play with it until I see some activity in their forums or a demo/example that would fit us. In the mean time, my first priory is simply using v4.x as a drop-in replacement for what we do now...perhaps in our next release.
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