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I can´t install exponent anymore

My old server is down and when I used my backup to reinstall my exponent site nothing happens.  I just try a fresh install but when I use install/index.php to configure appear that message "site on maintenance - database not located". But I didn´t configure anything. What I miss? PHP version?


  • Most likely you're missing the installation 'trigger' file. To install any version of Exponent, the file '/install/not_configured' MUST exist. You cant do this by creating an empty text file of that name or doing a 'touch /install/not_configured'. This prevents hackers from doing bad things.
  • This is for fresh install, right? And what I do if I have this backup with files and DB. Have any trigger for that? Can I overwrite the files of the fresh install normally and get my site back? 
  • I'd check. not_configured file is present in all of my tries.  versions 2.3.8, 2.4.0 and 2.5.0. Another clue?
  • Wich versions of MySQL and PHP are needed for correct installation?
  • Generally all versions of Exponent work with MySQL v5.5 to v5.7, though you'll need to change an .ini setting is using 5.7.

    Support for PHP v5.2 was removed in Exponent v2.3.3. Support for PHP v5.3 & v5.4 was removed in Exponent v2.4.2, and PHP v5.5 support was removed in Exponent v2.4.3patch1. Support for PHP v7.0 was added in Exponent v2.3.6 which generally meant compatibility with PHP v7.1 & v7.2 also, PHP v7.3 support was added in Exponent v2.5.0
  • For a fresh install I'd recommend doing an installation and NOT selecting a sample database. Once you have the system up and running, you can do the following in no particular order.
    • Install and switch to your custom theme
    • Restore your backup .eql file (database). This will wipe out ALL entries in any table you import!
    • Restore your backup files using the menu command, or simply extract the archive to /files
  • this is a first screen of a fresh install. I can´t set anything. This never happens in my exponent installations. 

    The server is new and perhaps something is missing in its configuration. Normally the exponent makes some tests and reports what is wrong but I´m stuck in this screen.
  • To launch an installation, you'll need to:
    • ensure the '/install/not_configured' file exists...with NO file extension
    • if you've had a failed installation, you'll want to rename or delete any existing configuration file '/framework/conf/config.php', this file is created during an installation and may exist in a partial state if there is any chance an installation failed.
    • launch the installation by browsing to ''
  • Now is working thanks. It was some setting in server.
  • Translate please: what this means?
    Saving ConfigurationFailed : Trying to Add Version to DB (29 : File '.\ivig\exponent_version.MYD' not found (Errcode: 13 - Permission denied))
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