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Adding & using files for users

I've a version 2.4.2 p7 running. I've given another user access to 1 text module to create, edit and delete. He can add images to the file manager (I checked as super admin, they are there), but he can not see them in the file manager, let alone use them. It would seem logic to me that users, even with very limited access, can see and use their the images they upload. Is there a fix?


  • Yes, that should be the logic. Are you using the Traditional File Manger or elFinder?
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    Do you know what method they used to upload the file:
    • drag and drop into the elFinder window or use the elFinder 'upload' command
    • drag and drop into the text editor
    • quick upload from within the text editor
    And if done within the text editor, was it CKEditor or TinyMCE?
  • After some troubleshooting, I'm pretty sure the file was uploaded inside elFinder and not from the editor. There is an issue with our not setting the file's owner when uploading from elFinder. I have a fix for this and it will be issued as 2.4.3patch1 sometime in the next few days.

    The workaround in the meantime would be for basic users to upload files using the editor either:
    • simply dragging and dropping the file into the editor pane (CKEditor or TinyMCE), or
    • (in CKEditor) use the image icon and select the 2nd tab (Upload), select the file and 'send it to the server), or
    • (in TinyMCE) use the Quick Upload button to quickly insert the graphic
    Or if this is not an image, use the 'quick add' button in the images area or drag and drop the file onto the list of files area.
  • Sorry for my late response. Yes, the file was uploaded with elFinder.
    Ok thanks. I'm not live yet with this website, so i can wait until the patch comes out.
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