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Forms - response


I've got the latest patch 5 for 2.4.1. The form has a response display and response e-mail. In the config settings, the editor has disappeared and the response e-mail doesn't get send. I get nothing in error reporting. Please advise.


  • Question: Do the other tabs on that form configuration display an editor? Did you manually update the CKEditor version on the server (apart from a patch)? Apart from the editors, is the checkbox on that tab checked when you open the settings? Are you able to send other emails (test using the User Management, Mass Mailer and send to yourself)?
  • The tab 'Form' should also have an editor, but doesn't.
    I have not updated anything manually
    The checkbox is checked
    The form does send the mail to the recipient, but not the response mail, so the system does mail
  • More questions: Does the editor appear elsewhere? Do you use a custom WYSIWYG configuration? and if so, what are you customizing?
  • The editor appears in other modules (text for instance). I have no custon config on the editor.
    Ik also see on al the tabs of the form module a "Loading settings" notification, just above the save setings button
  • Open the browser 'developer tools' (usually by pressing F12) and reload the page to determine what javascript is breaking that page by looking in the 'console' of the developer tools; post the errors here.
  • Just the one:
    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ,
    @random..etc...(the forms configure)
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